How to Sell Diabetes Test Strips for Cash

To start with you should make sure that the test strips that you are selling are labeled. You find that some of the people always remove the labels as they see them as not necessary. But this is one sure way the buyers will be in a position to know whether the test strips are damaged or not. You are advised to include your personal information on the test strips and retain the label for the buyers to remove themselves. With this, they will be much comfortable that they are buying something of good quality.

Apart from that, you should make sure that the boxes are in excellent condition without any problem. One thing that you have to know that the tables will fetch different prices depending on their current circumstances. Also, you should also be aware that the strips with the short expiration date will carry low rates compared with the ones with long expiration periods. Therefore, you should make sure that the boxes do not have any dents, cuts, residue or even attempting to remove the labels in addition to long expiry periods. This is one way in which you will boost the prices of the diabetes test strips. Besides, when it is in excellent condition, there are very high chances that it will sell strips faster than when it is in excellent condition.

Also, it is also essential that you set the correct prices if you want to get your payment faster. Like you find that when PayPal pays you, it can take one day to get your money while a check can take a maximum of three working days. Therefore, it will be better you put your prices to be $75 or more to qualify for the faster payment. On the other hand, if your prices are below the required amount you are likely to be paid by check of which you will have to wait for three days to get your money.

Another thing that you should do is to make sure that the brands that you are selling are listed among the ones that the companies buy. Therefore, you will have to visit the seller’s page and see some of the brands that they are dealing with. Most of the people go with brands, and they will not have to buy just any cash for test strips box. Besides, you should make sure that the tables are sealed with an expiry period of not less than six months.

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